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Metal Clay Forums and Groups

On this page you'll find information about the various metal clay forums and groups you can join. Links open in a new window.

Facebook - Metal Clay Europe Group

This open group on Facebook is about everything happening in metal clay across Europe. You must be a member of Facebook to join.

Facebook - Metal Clay Friends

Open Facebook group to share metal clay images, your work and ask questions. You must be a member of Facebook to join.

Facebook - Metal Clay SILies

Open Facebook group set up by Wanaree Tanner to support people using the Silhouette CAMEO cutting machine with metal clay. You must be a member of Facebook to join.

French Metal Clay Forum

This metal clay forum has been set up by French metal clay artist Sabine Alienor.

Meteor Clay Forum - French

This forum, primarily in French, is very active. You can ask your questions in German, English and Italian as well as in French. Set up by Meteor Clay.


Ning empowers people to create and discover new social experiences for the most important people and interests in their lives. There are groups for metal clay and jewelry making. Ning was started with a simple premise: when people have the freedom to create a new social experience online, uniquely customized for the most important people and interests in their lives with no effort, no cost, and infinite choice, the world is a better, more colorful and certainly more interesting place in which to live.

Metal Clay Yahoo! Group

This group is very active and it's a wonderfully supportive group. Join up and you'll get lots of help and advice on working with metal clay. Search the archive before you ask a question as there's a wealth of information stored in the files.

This video by Patrik Kusac tells you some more about the Yahoo! Metal Clay Group.

Metal Clay Gallery 2 - Yahoo! Group

This is the overflow group from the one above. It only contains pictures. Artists can set up their own album of work and upload pictures to share with the community. It is a fantastic place to browse if you're looking for inspiration.

Metal Clay Classes - Yahoo! Group

This group was formed to help metal clay students and instructors connect! Here you'll find class and workshop information posted by teachers from around the world.

Metal Clay Artist Events - Yahoo! Group

This group was created to discuss metal clay conferences. A place to get to know one another before the conference starts, to arrange swaps, gatherings, parties and plans.

There are various local chapters of the PMC Guild and other metal clay groups who have a presence on Yahoo! Groups. It's worth creating a Yahoo! account and searching the Yahoo! Groups page to see if there's a local group in your area.